The Benefits of Sleeping on Satin:

Silky Hair:

Unlike cotton, satin helps you to retain the moisture in your hair thus eliminating unwanted spilt ends.

Smooth Skin:

Your skin will glide on your satin bedding accessory reducing the appearance of unsightly wrinkles and folds.

Voluminous Lashes:

Keep our eyelashes intact while sleeping on satin because it doesn’t knock out your lashes like cotton and other materials

Reduce Acne:

Satin allows your pores to breath which reduces your chances of getting acne.

Saves you money:

Cotton absorbs all products like lotions and hair moisturizers etc. But satin allows your skin and hair to retain its moisture thus reducing your trips to the store to purchase more products.

The Most Important Benefit You Can Only Get with My Satin Dreams:

No matter what satin pillowcase you purchase, if it’s not guaranteed to stay on your bed and under your head then you are not being fully protected. My Satin Dreams is designed to stay on your bed giving you an effortless night sleep! Wake up well rested and worry free with My Satin Dreams.

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